Ayr Welding’s reputation for superior quality, service, and workmanship was earned through a strong team of workers, dedicated to cost-effective troubleshooting and critical thinking.



Our Millwrights work to:

  • Install, align, dismantle, and move stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment

  • Operate hoisting and lifting devices

  • Inspect and examine machinery and equipment to determine defects and repair or replace them as needed

  • Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work on machinery

  • Assemble machinery and equipment prior to installation using hand and power tools and welding equipment

  • Construct foundations for machinery

Our Millwright Services Include:

  • Erecting, hoisting, and lifting

  • Conveyor, conveying equipment installations and rebuilds, including custom conveyors

  • Plant relocations and installations

  • Sensitive equipment handling, including removing, crating, shipping, and installing

  • Safety guard and equipment installation

  • Inspections and maintenance service

  • Demolition and equipment removal



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