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Built Strong

Ayr Welding 1977 Ltd. began as a small, family run welding business and has grown into a multi-service trade company providing custom fabrication, welding, millwrighting, and piping solutions. Our company is based in Ayr, Ontario, and we work on projects throughout North America. No matter where we are working or what type of job we are doing, we bring our commitment to excellent quality, craftsmanship, and customer service with us.

Count on Ayr Welding for:

  • Millwrighting

  • Custom fabrication

  • Welding – Carbon and Stainless

  • Piping solutions



Safety & Expertise

Ayr Welding is proud to hold certifications from Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) and the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) welding program (W47.1).

The CWB certifies Ayr Weldings' expertise the fusion welding of steel, as used in I-beam, stair, platform, and catwalk repair and fabrication.

Ayr Welding is certified by TSSA in:

  • Repair and alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, piping and Category A, B, E and H type fittings. CSA Standard B51, QA 02066

  • Fabrication and assembly of power piping. CSA Standard B51 and ASME B31.1, QA 02068

  • Fabrication and assembly of process piping.  CSA Standard B51 and ASME 31.3, QA 02067

  • Fabrication and assembly of pressure piping. CSA Standard B51, QA 04220

  • Fabrication and assembly of refrigeration piping. CSA Standard B52 and ASME 31.5, QA 03450

  • Fabrication of Welded and Non-Welded Category A and H type fittings. CSA Standard B51, QA 05650

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TSSA Certified



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